A YouTuber made several Tiger King people as players in NBA 2K21, complete with tiger print jerseys.

Tiger King Plays Basketball In NBA 2K21, Thanks To One Creative YouTuber

Because Tiger King is so deeply interspersed in the culture of our timesIt could be one of Netflix’s most popular creations. This also applies to the gaming industry, as one player was able to use NBA 2K21 in order faithfully recreate the Tiger King characters.

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Thanks to YouTuber 2kToro, the main people of the Tiger King cast have been created as basketball players in NBA 2K21. This includes the title Tiger King, Joe Exoticand Doc Antle, along with Carol Baskin, Jeff Lowe, and Doc Antle.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation

A YouTube video shows the custom players in action, featuring Doc Antle and Joe Exotic on one teamand Carol Baskin and Jeff Lowe on the other. You can see the video below.

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Although the basketball players may not be perfect, they are quite similar to their real-life counterparts. Joe Exotic sports a blonde cap and mullet throughout the documentary. It’s also fun to witness Team Exotic’s leopard print jerseysand Team Baskin’s Tiger jerseys.

The creations will continue increase in popularity. These Netflix hits do eventually falter in terms of popularity, but Tiger King has the spotlight at the moment. This is a fantastic chance for content creators blend Tiger King with other popular games.