Techniques on How to Get Rid Of a Stump Yourself

It doesn`t make sense to abandon the stump after all the effort required to remove the tree. Here are the most effective ways to get rid of the stump on your own.

The most effective method to eliminate stumps of trees is determined by the length of time you`re willing to commit to. If you need to remove the stump as fast as possiblehiring a professional to get it out of the ground might be the best choice. We recommend Epsom salt for speeding the natural decay process, if you`re prepared to wait several months or for a full year.

Tree stumps naturally begin to decay within three to seven years. The exact time for stumps of trees to naturally decay will vary dependent on the location you live inand what climate you reside in, and what type of tree they are. In general, the earlier the stump is cut the quicker it will rot.

A stump remover that is commercially available or plain saltpeter (aka potassium nitrate) can soften the woodand make it more suited to an extremely slow and complete burn. Using a drill with an 8-inch bit that is eight to twelve inches longto drill deep holes through the top of the stumpthat are spaced by three to four inches in all directions. To dissolve the stump remover, saltpeteror other material, fill each of the holes with water that is boiling.

If the stump has dried completely, then burning it could be a workable solution. While this process is more labor intensive than diggingand won`t completely eliminate roots beneath the ground, it may provide satisfactory results with less effort. Consult the local fire department for information regarding the burning advisory for your region prior to attempting this approach.

If the manual stump removal method isn`t feasible and you have to remove the stump as quickly as possiblerenting a stump grinder can assist you in the process. Grinding the stump can be done in less than 15 minutes, but it can take two hours or more. Although you could hire someone to handle the taskbut it`s not that difficult to tackle it yourself. If you decide to do it yourself, be sure that you wear the appropriate safety equipment such as safety glasses, and hearing protection when you use a stump grinder.

The process of stump grinding is risky for both the operator and the people around. The machine grinds to a depth of around 8 inches, throwing the particles into the nearby pile. There are some risks associated with using a stump crusher include flying wood chips , rocks, and possibly cutting utility lines. It is recommended that you contact genesis tree service if you choose to remove the tree stump withthe stump grinder.